“Your album is brilliant. Great writing, performance, production, and use of sounds. I’ll be buying it when I get home!” 

    — John Galvin-Keyboardist for Molly Hatchet


"Although Craig may not have the fame of the Boss, Yesterday Into Day is a beautiful and profound artistic statement, and it proves that there is value and growth possible in searching through the past for all of us." 

    Cody Conard-writer at Big Takeover Magazine


 "Wonderful vocals, melodies, and themes are relevant here! Yes, friends, time is speeding up, calling us forward, right?! Good luck to everyone!"

    Dmitry Ivanenko, composer-Reverbnation


"At once lush and shimmering with warm hues, Yesterday Into Day is wonderfully beautiful, tantalizing, and intimate."

    Randall Radic-writer at