What They Say

~Ken McClung~

“G.E.C. Music has provided outstanding services for our band over the past year including mix engineering and production work. Gary’s ability to get the best mix out of a recording session is incredible.  His talent and ability to compose that perfect subtle bit for a song to help make it complete is simply amazing as well.  Thanks to G.E.C. Music, the sound quality of our music is better than its ever been.”

~Bryanna Fuquea~

“Hi everyone! My name is Bryanna Fuquea, I recently recorded a demo in Nashville and Gary Craig was my engineer! Gary was absolutely amazing. He paid attention to every detail and really let me customize how I wanted to record my songs. We recorded my own harmonies over my main vocals which let me personalize it completely. Gary really took the time to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it. Gary was very knowledgeable and professional with his engineering. I can’t wait to work with him again!”

~Robert Cox~

“G.E.C. Music transferred and digitized my aging, deteriorating collection of garage band cassette tapes from the early 80’s and brought new life to the old recordings. Their attention to detail regarding each individual track was exceptional. They completed the large project in a timely manner for a great price. I highly recommended the professionals at G.E.C. Music


~Jason M. Couts~ 

“My first ever recording experience was with Gary Craig and it was so exciting and nerve racking for me at the same time. Gary told me to take as much time as I need and don’t worry, that it will be awesome and it was! His relaxed attitude and the atmosphere of the studio made me relax and thoroughly enjoy the entire experience. I must have asked him a million and one questions and he answered all of them! Gary is a complete laid back relaxed easy going person who is also the most professional at the same time. He will mix and mix until he gets the sound you are looking for. I recommend him over and over again and I know for a fact I will be using him in the very near future.”

~Stan Wilhite~

Gary is a very talented and detailed oriented person that will work with you in every way possible to meet, or exceed, your expectations! He restored a group of cassette tapes of live shows that I had from years ago, cleaned them up better than the originals and created digital files for me. He even posted the music online for me so my friends could hear it. I have been extremely happy with what Gary has done for me.

~Amy Calfee~

“Gary Craig mixed and engineered an album for me in 2015. I had a great experience working with him. He was very professional, yet down-to-earth. He made me feel very comfortable singing and was very positive and easy to work with. He has a great ear for music and does an excellent job. I was extremely happy with my album. I would definitely work with Gary again.”

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